Beyond the Product

Beyond The Product


Beyond the Product


Beyond the Product Use Cases Funnel


Cost Calculator

Built for Product Development innovators, R&D Chemists (a.k.a. Artists), and Procurement decision makers. Used to dynamically assess impact cost against varying package size options of your finished product, and, quickly determine initial/ongoing raw material MOQ impact on production.


Product Design

This is the most clear and comprehensive Cosmetic Product Development Brief form that you will ever need. If you’re a brand, use this before submitting ideas to your formulators and CM partners. If you’re a CDMO or Private Lable organization, use this to better connect with your Brand clients from the beginning. In the end, all the players are more connected and spend way less time thumbing through discovery. Instead, you’ll be getting straight to formulation development vs constantly clarifying important details.


To Do List Tracker

The purpose of this tool is to help you more easily chronicle ongoing Jobs To Be Done in the fast-paced world you’re living in. More than that, utilize AI to enrich your static To Dos with intuitive and thought provoking learnings to help you advance necessary achievement pathways.


Time Capsule

The purpose of this tool is to help you more easily capture macro and micro achievements throughout your day. As you think about what your personal and professional growth looks like 3-5 years from now, recalling important achievements and enriching them across a long period time is critical. Utilizing AI to capture Daily achievements and then autonomously compile them over the course of Months, Quarters, and Years is what this tool will do for you.