Beyond the Product

Beyond The Product


The beauty industry is undergoing a transformative shift, as evidenced by recent news and market insights. From the rise of innovative beauty devices to the evolving preferences of consumers, these developments are poised to reshape the industry landscape. In this newsletter, we delve into the most significant stories and examine their potential impact on formulators, brand owners, and cosmetic manufacturers.

1. The eastern European beauty scene: insights from a Euromonitor expert

The eastern European beauty market is gaining traction, presenting new opportunities for industry players. Euromonitor experts provide valuable insights into the region’s top nail trends and the shift from ‘anti-aging’ to ‘longevity’ in consumer preferences.

2. Hairbrush Market Continues to Grow, with US$ 6.4 billion

The hairbrush market is experiencing significant growth, with projections estimating a value of $6.4 billion by 2033. This trend highlights the increasing demand for hair care products and the potential for innovation in this segment.

3. Beauty Devices Market Research Report 2024-2033 | Size, Growth

The beauty device market is witnessing rapid expansion, with a projected compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15.7% from 2023 to 2024. This growth underscores the increasing consumer demand for advanced beauty technologies and the potential for disruptive innovations in this space.

4. Weekly Edit: The Best Beauty Launches On Our Radar

Innovative product launches continue to drive excitement in the beauty industry. Kay Beauty’s latest creamy highlighter, formulated with hydrating ingredients and micro light-catching pearls, exemplifies the trend towards products that deliver a natural, luminous finish.

Cosmetic manufacturers, on the other hand, may need to invest in new technologies and production processes to keep pace with the growing demand for beauty devices and specialized products. The rapid growth of the hairbrush market also highlights the importance of diversifying product portfolios and exploring adjacent categories. As the industry continues to evolve, collaboration and knowledge-sharing among formulators, brand owners, and manufacturers will be crucial in navigating these changes and capitalizing on new opportunities.